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2015 - Speakers
Kiel Confrence 2016

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Kiel Conference 2016


Dr. Tim Benbow,
Senior Lecturer, King's College at the U.K. Defence Academy College, Shrivenham

Nick Childs,
Senior Fellow Naval Forces and Maritime Security, Institute for International Strategic Studies (IISS), London

Prof. Dr. Paul Cornish,
Director, Research Group Defence, Security and Infrastructure, RAND Corporation, Cambridge

Commander (BEL N) Kurt Engelen,
Vice President, Euro-Atlantic Association Belgium, Brussels

Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause,
Director, Institute for Security Policy Kiel University (ISPK)

Prof. Julian Lindley-French,
Senior Fellow, Institute for Statecraft, London

Lieutenant Commander (SWE N) Stefan Lundqvist,
Swedish National Defence College

Prof. Dr. Carlo Masala,
Professorship, University of the Bundeswehr, Munich

Vice Admiral (FRA N) Bruno Paulmier,
Deputy Commander NATO MARCOM

Dirk Peters,
Project Officer Maritime Capabilities Support, European Defence Agency, Brussels

Peter Roberts,
Senior Research Fellow for Sea Power and Maritime Security, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), London

Commander (NDL N) Nico Vasseur,
Director NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre of Excellence, Oostende

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